‘Ahval is a new light in a dark landscape, we salute you!’ - Stephen Kinzer & Michael Rezendes

Journalists around the world have an interest in press freedom everywhere. It is an essential part of open society. Limiting people’s access to news and to diverse opinions weakens nations. All citizens suffer when this happens. When journalists see it, we feel a special concern.

Watching the space for free expression shrink in Turkey has distressed much of the world. We have seen some of the Turkey’s most distinguished press representatives dismissed, exiled, and imprisoned. American journalists share the outrage of our Turkish colleagues at this terrible injustice.

Restrictions on free expression in Turkey are especially distressing because Turkey plays such an important strategic role in the Middle East, Europe and beyond. Its actions push nations toward war or peace. In order to make informed decisions, Turks need access to honest news. If they are only able to learn about their country and the world from sources that are partisan or manipulated, their view of the world will be distorted.

We applaud every effort to keep Turks informed about their country and the world—and to tell the world what is happening in Turkey. The emergence of Ahval is a most encouraging new light in a dark landscape. We salute you, wish you well, and assure you of our continuing solidarity.

— Stephen Kinzer & Michael Rezendes