Eser Karakaş
Nov 05 2018

Independent press is more important than ever

While moving house recently I lost my internet connection and, apart from some messages on my phone, I was almost cut off from Turkish news for a couple of weeks. I can’t deny this did not create a gap in my life.

You become accustomed to bombardment of propaganda from state media after a while, but when you come back to it after a break you realise the importance of independent media much better.

Almost all the Turkish media is now under government control, but modest internet news sites and channels have begun to pop up. They are small, but getting more effective each day. Their importance is also becoming more apparent. If they did not exist, the bombardment of propaganda would become more effective. Those humble but relatively independent channels and internet newspapers, which rely on limited sources, are filling a critical gap.  

I also write weekly op-eds on economics for Ahval. For that reason, I tried to write a short article, without using the word Ahval, to congratulate people working for Ahval, friends who are trying to do similar things in other channels and under other names, and the first anniversary of Ahval.

The opinions expressed in this column are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Ahval.