Opposition daily carrier beaten by Turkish police - Mezopotamya

A carrier of a Turkish opposition newspaper on Tuesday said he was beaten by police and security staff in Istanbul's Gayrettepe district, pro-Kurdish Mezopotamya Agency reported.

Yeni Yaşam distributor Hasan Ceyhan said he was taking the metro when he was passed out during an epileptic seizure and found himself at Gayrettepe metro station. The security staff and police came to help him but later found the copies of the opposition newspaper in his bag, Mezopotamya quoted Ceyhan as saying.

Two police officers and one security personnel physically assaulted and insulted Ceyhan for an hour, according to Mezopotamya.

Ceyhan said he was released after being forced to sign a statement saying he would not press charges against them.

Turkey's opposition media has been facing a crackdown over criticism against the ruling party and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in recent years. More than 130 media organisations have been shut down in Turkey following the attempted coup as Erdoğan tightens his grip on power following a failed coup attempt in 2016.