Threat to reporters at heart of crisis of trust - journalist

The government removal of opposition politicians on the grounds of their corruption “is not convincing”, investigative journalist Mustafa Hoş told a panel in Bergama on Friday, because journalists are under so much threat they cannot reliably expose the truth.

“We journalists do not have the possibility to research and reach the truth,” secularist newspaper Sözcü quoted Hoş as saying. “Because people who research the truth are under threat.”

“We need the truth more than anything,” he added. “That is why this country needs journalists much more than politicians.”

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu had already threatened Mayor of Beşiktaş Murat Hazinedar before suspending him, making it look even less like an objective move, Hoş said.

“The person who carried out this operation – the interior minister – is one of those who said ‘You’re finished!’” to Hazinedar, Hoş said. “That is why it is not right or legal for this person to carry out an operation on another municipality.”

“Someone who says that loses their plausibility. At the same time if there was someone guilty there this helps to cover up their guilt.”
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