Mar 04 2018

Turkish media on the lookout for dissenting voices - Turkish columnist

A daily columnist at Turkey's Cumhuriyet Newspaper, in his column, says that in today's Turkey an anti-war citizen, against every kind of war, would have a tough time standing by his/her persuasions. 

Turkish playwright and columnist Aydin Engin wrote: "In the news media that defines themselves politically at the centre, the "modern citizen" -looking career-heroes penned articles that carried their subconscious nationalistic tendencies to bright daylight. They are on the lookout for contrary voices, for anti-war voices, and of course, especially for those who dare oppose the war in Afrin, to lynch them publicly, in the media."

Contrasting the Turkish media's approach to Turkey's military incursion into the Syrian-Kurdish enclave of Afrin to British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)'s firing of a reporter during the Falkland war for failing to be objective, Engin says, he feels the pressure to censor himself as well.