Turkish police arrest journalist over social media posts

Nurcan Baysal, a journalist, has been arrested by police at her Diyarbakır home.

Baysal’s social media posts were given as the reason for her arrest. Her front door was broken open by security forces.

A string of arrests have occurred across Turkey in relation to social media posts critical of the country’s operation in northwest Syria, and it is thought that Baysal may have been arrested for this reason.

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) parliamentarian Meral Danış Beştaş announced the arrest in a tweet:

“Last night at 12.10, Nurcan Baysal’s door was broken open without knocking and she was arrested. The reason was asking for peace. If even a writer is being arrested for being anti-war and for her social media posts, that demonstrates how right it is to be anti-war #NoToWar,” she posted.

Baysal’s most recent Twitter post came out strongly against those supporting the war:

“Racist fascists touting war! I am against war, I am Kurdish, I am a Gypsy, I am a Jew, I am an Arab, I am LGBT, I am Armenian, I am Yezidi… In short, I am everything you hate. Do not follow me!” she posted.