Teenagers in alleged police torture case facing prison in eastern Turkey

A Turkish prosecutor has requested prison sentences ranging from 10 to 26 years for three teenagers, who were allegedly tortured while under police custody in eastern Van province, Evrensel newspaper reported on Saturday.

The three, aged 13-17, are accused of a string of crimes, including, “possession of dangerous substances,’’ “resisting to police officers,’’ “membership in a terrorist organization,’’ “conducting propaganda for a terrorist organization’’ and “endangering traffic safety.’’

The indictment against the teenagers arrives amid an investigation against a number of police officers accused of torturing the three youth while they remained under police custody.

The teenagers were detained in Feb. 2019 in their home in Van’s Hacıbekir neighbourhood and claimed police had tortured them during the detention process and following their arrival into police custody.

The Van Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into the claims after the Bar Association of Van filed a legal complaint.

The first hearing in the case against the three is set to take place on Feb. 25, 2021.