Turkish hunger striking women sent to different prisons

Ten women prisoners who have been on a partial hunger strike for 61 days in eastern Turkey over what they consider a rights violation have been moved to six different prisons, alternative news website Bianet said.

“Detainees and prisoners have been imposed the obligation by prison administration to carry ID on them in the areas other than living quarters. This practice is considered unlawful, unfair, derogatory and inhumane by the detainees and prisoners,” the site quoted Diyarbakır Bar Association as saying.

“Some detainees and prisoners have gone on hunger strike since this right violation is not fixed.”

A lawyer from the Bar said that 10 women had been sent to prisons in Ağrı, Urfa, Erzurum, Osmaniye, Maraş and Ordu.

Hunger strikers in Turkey generally subsist solely on sugar, water and vitamins rather than cutting off all food, which means they survive much longer than those on full hunger strikes.