Turkey’s public sector audit bodies not doing much auditing – columnist

Turkey’s official bodies, designed to audit the public sector, have ground to a halt in recent years, according to journalist Ahmet Sever, writing on the P24 news website.

The Ombudsman Office’s sole contribution to 2017, he said, was a decision not to exclude students who arrived less than 15 minutes before the scheduled start from national examinations.

As the ombudsman is a former advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Sever said, certain types of complaints might be overlooked.

The Public Procurement Authority, Sever said, had been rendered obsolescent by a lack of transparency in public tenders, while the Presidential State Audit Authority had not published a single report since its present head took office in 2014.

Sever said reports belonging to the Court of Accounts, which audits public spending, generally do not make it to parliament, and are no longer released to the public in any case.

Finally, he said, neither Turkey’s European Union Ministry nor its European Union General Secretariat have much to do these days.