Former British soldier released pending trial in Turkish terror case

A former British soldier accused of having fought for the majority-Kurdish YPG forces in Syria has been released pending trial on terror charges by a Turkish court, according to Sözcü newspaper.

Joseph Andrew Robinson was holidaying in Didim on Turkey’s Aegean coast with his girlfriend and her mother when police arrived to detain them.

“I did not receive training,” he told the court. “I only have a medical education … I went to Kobani to help civilians. I did not use any weapons or fight in any way.”

The police’s translation of his initial statement, which said he had undergone arms training with the YPG in Syria, was incorrect, Robinson said.

Pictures of Abdullah Öcalan and a PKK flag found on his Facebook profile was also not what prosecutors were arguing, he said.

“I shared an article from The Guardian,” he told the court. “Those photographs were the illustrations from that article. My aim was to share the article, not the photographs.”