Mar 28 2018

West has abandoned its Kurdish allies - commentator

The West has abandoned the Kurdish fighters who helped it in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq and should be ashamed, Seth Frantzman wrote in conservative British magazine The Spectator.

“Now Kurds in Syria and Iraq are losing confidence in the West’s ability to protect them from aggression and stand by their rights,” he said.

“Friends I’ve spoken to on the ground wonder whether they were right to sacrifice so much against ISIS alongside the Western powers and whether their fight was in vain.”

ISIS was largely ignored until it became a global threat, and returning to a position of ignoring the Middle East following the defeat of that threat is poor policy, Frantzman said.

“There are many concerns that now distract from what is happening in Syria, but the fate of Afrin should not pass us by. It is the least our Kurdish allies deserve.”