YPG foreign fighters say they are going to Afrin

A squad of foreign volunteer fighters in Syria has announced that they are going to Afrin to fight Turkey and the Free Syrian Army, The Times said.

The members of the majority-Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) made the announcement on a video released online in the wake of a call by the group for a general mobilisation to defend the YPG-held province of Afrin.

“We are all ready to go and fight in Afrin,” it quoted the spokesman of the foreign fighters as saying. “We have been training for a significant amount of time in tactics that work against any force. We are prepared and have been supplied by the YPG to fight against Turkish terrorists.”

One of the volunteers in the video, it said, was Huang Wei, a Chinese-born British citizen who had been fighting with the YPG for three years.

The Times also appeared to suggest that Turkey was beginning to experience setbacks on the ground in Afrin.

“Their tanks and the former FSA brigades supporting them have been pegged back, and scores of fighters on both sides have been killed,” it said.