Jan 04 2019

Qatar to buy Turkish attack helicopters

Qatar has signed a preliminary agreement to purchase Turkish T129 ATAK helicopters, technology news site Kokpit.aero reported on Friday.

Qatari media reported that the deal was signed for an unknown number of helicopters, the news site said. Turkish authorities declined to confirm the deal, it said. 

Pakistan was the first country to purchase T129s by signing a $1.5 billion deal with Ankara for the delivery of 30 attack helicopters produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries and Italian AgustaWestland. 

Because of a diplomatic row between Turkey and United States last year over the almost two-year detention of an American pastor, the deal between Turkey and Pakistan was reportedly pushed back six months as the U.S. Department of Defense denied Turkey an export license required for the US-made LHTEC T800-4A turboshaft engines meant for the aircraft.