Aug 15 2018

Turkish newspaper’s U-Turn on Qatar “treachery”

Takvim, a Turkish daily newspaper known for its pro-Turkish government stance, was forced to quickly delete an article accusing Qatar of “treachery” on Wednesday when reports emerged that the Qatari government had promised billions of dollars of investment to Turkey.

Takvim’s article said Qatar had signed its name to a “great treachery” after remaining silent over the weekend as Turkey saw its currency nosedive during an ongoing diplomatic spat with the United States.

Qatar has been buoyed by Turkish support throughout an ongoing blockade by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, as Takvim’s article pointed out. The blockade was enforced in Jun. 2017 after the Arab quartet accused Qatar of harbouring outlawed Islamist groups.

However, as journalist Ali Aslangül pointed out, Takvim had to take a quick about-turn and deleted its article on Wednesday after Qatari ambassador to Turkey Salem bin Mubarak al-Shafi announced $15 billion worth of investment in Turkey.