May 12 2018

Turkish deputy slams festival as "disgrace"

A parliamentarian representing Isparta for the ruling Justice and Development Party has issued a statement saying that he will not be participating in an annual festival in his province because it disrespectfully ends on the eve of the month of Ramadan, opposition-aligned newspaper Yurt said.

“I was going to attend the Rose Festival at the invitation of the Mayor of Isparta,” Said Yüce said.

“However, we expect our municipality to be more respectful of the three holy months and the eve of Ramadan, the month of mercy.”

Yüce said did not want the Prophet Muhammed’s name to be mentioned in the same breath as the pop singer Hadise, who is performing at the festival and whom he described as a disgrace.

“The Rose Festival has been overshadowed by atrocities that are incompatible with our nation’s vales and lifestyle,” he said.

Isparta province is a major producer of fragrant roses for rose oil and rosewater.