Erdoğan election assassination plot prevented - Sabah

Columnist Ersin Ramoğlu has written in Turkish pro-government newspaper Sabah that there was a plan to kill President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on election day.

12 foreign countries were behind the plot to blow up a minivan packed with tonnes of explosives on Erdoğan’s route before the election results were announced, Ramoğlu said.

However, the Turkey-made Göktürk satellites identified the threat, Ramoğlu said, and it was neutralised before Erdoğan’s convoy passed.

Allah had protected the president and thousands of other innocent lives from the blast, he added.

Security forces also spotted a foreign agent who had been posted as a sniper on a nearby roof to finish the job had Erdoğan survived, Ramoğlu said. Rather than give himself up, he swallowed a cyanide tablet and killed himself.

The only question remaining, Ramoğlu said, was whether the Turkish opposition were completely oblivious of this threat or whether they had been briefed on it in advance.