Apr 28 2018

Erdoğan follows Orban’s playbook and targets Soros

Turkish president Erdoğan said that the opposition in Turkey has many Soroses backed by both inside and outside forces during a speech he delivered on Friday addressing to Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) provincial heads.

“We understand from their hands and feet entangling that they now set their hopes on June 24. Don’t forget, the opposition has many Soroses in this country and those are Soroses not only supported from inside the country, but also from outside. We know very well who they are and which sources feed them,” Erdoğan said, referring to U.S. billionaire George Soros.

Erdoğan’s words echoed today in the pro-government press, with his comments on Soros appearing on the first pages of several newspapers.

Yeni Şafak Apr. 28
Akşam Apr. 28
Türkiye Ap. 28

“Erdogan is taking a page from Viktor Orban in Hungary: Blaming Soros. Pathetic,” Middle East expert Henri Barkey said today on twitter.

Some reacted to Erdoğan’s words on social media by posting an old photograph of him together with George Soros.

Turkey’s pro-government press has long accused George Soros of having secretly financially supported the 2013 Gezi Park protests, the biggest demonstrations against more than a decade of Erdoğan’s rule.

In Oct. 2017, President Erdoğan called Osman Kavala, the jailed Turkish philanthropist and rights activist, “Turkey’s Soros”.

“The identity of this figure called 'the Soros of Turkey' has been uncovered. That was his name that came up in the (U.S.) Consulate General (investigation). All connections have surfaced,” Erdoğan said following after Kavala’s arrest.