“Erdoğanphobia” part of global genocide project – Turkish writer

Best-selling novelist and opinion columnist Alev Alatlı has told conservative Turkish magazine Yörünge that “Erdoğanphobia” and Islamophobia are tools being used by Jews as part of a plan to wipe all the non-Jews off the face of the earth, left-nationalist news site OdaTV reported.

Alatlı has written 14 novels and is one of Edward Said's translators into Turkish. She is a former columnist at the Gülen movement-linked newspaper Zaman, but since the movement split with the ruling Justice and Development Party has expressed strong support for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

“Let me tell you, ‘Islamophobia’ is not a project, it is a strategy,” she said. “The true project is the wiping out of ‘goyim’ from the earth. Who are ‘goyim’? Goyim, although they may serve the Jews, ‘are those for whom there is no place on earth’.”

The goyim would be made slaves while Jews would rule the earth, Alatlı said.

Christians preferred not to fight this worldly battle, saying “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”, she said, and they had allowed neo-conservatives in America to take charge of the new world order.

Only Erdoğan saw this big picture and was working to defeat this genocidal project, she said.

The Western media were hiding the truth about Erdoğanphobia and Islamophobia because many of the largest outlets were controlled by Jews, Alatlı said.

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