Erdoğan’s powers will outlive him - commentary

The changes Turkey’s president Recep Tayyip Erdopğan forces on the country’s regime will outlive him, as history shows that, independent of their ideological stripe, politicians rarely give up powers bestowed on them by their predecessors, Derek Royden wrote on Thursday in the Nation of Change.

According to Royden, right-wing populists like president Erdoğan on the one hand use a language with left-wing elements to directly address working people, while serving the same moneyed interests with conventional politicians on the other.

“As history teaches us, politicians, regardless of their ideological stripe, rarely give up powers bestowed on them by their predecessors, no matter how dangerous, and the changes Erdogan has wrought will almost surely outlive him with unpredictable consequences for his country in the future,” Royden said.

Royden thinks Erdoğan has been an unconventional warning of the emergence of the new generation of right wing populists now ascendant in much of Europe and North America. If one looks for parallels between Turkey and the United States, the reactionary Islamism of Erdoğan and his Party is similar to American Evangelicals supporting the U.S. president Donald Trump and both presidents use racist messages and attacks on the press and critics, Royden added.

“The task for Erdogan’s opponents and those facing similar leader-based right wing movements elsewhere is to call them out in terms of their hypocrisy, especially when they fail to live up to the promises they make to working class voters,” Royden said.