Jul 06 2018

Erdoğan’s successes unlikely to help Turkey – analyst

In overcoming an almost-united set of strong challengers for the presidency, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has kept up his long run of electoral successes, but his many talents may not translate into success for Turkey as a whole, Michael A. Reynolds wrote for the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

“To untangle the Kurdish Question would require leadership that possesses enormous political talent, creative ambition, unusually farsighted vision, and sincere concern for the wellbeing of the population of Turkey. Erdoğan has demonstrated that he possesses the first two qualities,” Reynolds said.

“He has managed to refashion Turkey into a presidential republic and achieve election as president with his party in effective control of parliament. He has inarguably done well for himself. But the same record gives little reason to think he will do nearly as much for Turkey.”

Erdoğan had beaten a newly revitalised opposition despite signs to the contrary, Reynolds said.

“This is not to suggest he won a fair election. Space does not permit discussion of the ways in which Erdoğan hamstrung his opponents from the denial of media coverage to putting them under arrest, as police did with much of the HDP,” he added.