Apr 15 2018

‘An exchange rate war declared against Turkey’ - Erdoğan

Turkish president Erdoğan targeted the finance sector and asserted Turkey’s determination to fight against those threatening the country using exchange rates, during a speech today in Istanbul. 

“Nowadays , they declared an exchange rate war against us. Declare whatever you want, you will be left empty handed,” Erdoğan said to his supporters. 

“Those who are in the finance sector, don’t threaten us with exchange rates or similar things. You will not have right to life in this country otherwise,” he added. 

Erdoğan also branded interventions via exchange rate as treason. “If the finance sector does not engage in treason, if they fulfil their responsibilities for our country, they are more than welcome, we will give them every kind of support,” said Erdoğan, noting that interest rates should decrease.