Support for Turkey’s Erdoğan may be at a turning point - The Times

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been losing the support of Turkish voters due to his undemocratic tendencies and economic instability, British daily the Times said on Monday.

"He has made himself the type of entrenched autocrat he once railed against," the Times said. "Voters are beginning to lose faith in him and he is responding as autocrats do when election results go against them — by alleging fraud at the ballot box."

A decade-long stellar economic expansion, which was "the catalyst for his rise to power", reached a halt in the wake of turmoil in Turkish financial markets last year, and resulted in a stunning local election setback, the Times said.

The AKP has lost five of six major cities in local elections on March 31, which had been under AKP control for decades, and the results suggest that Erdoğan's political future is "at a turning point", according to the British daily.

Turkey's electoral board on May 6 decided to annul the election for mayor in the country's financial powerhouse, Istanbul, and order a rerun. The Times said it would be hard for Erdoğan to make people believe the victory was legitimate if his party wins the rerun.

"If he loses, Erdoğan must know that his time may be up."