Turkey’s Erdoğan gets musical to galvanise voters - AFP

For Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, music has become a way of motivating his support base, particularly ahead of the local elections on March 31, Agence France Press reported on Wednesday.

Turks will head to the polls at the last day of this month to elect mayors and local councils amid increasing concerns on financial difficulties due to a contraction in the country’s economy, with unemployment reaching at 13.5 percent

Erdoğan has always been a talented leader in using speeches, poems and stories to reach his audience and nowadays he is also picking up the microphone to sing, AFP said.

“I get goose bumps when I listen to the songs everyday,” AFP quoted an AKP supporter as saying at an Erdoğan rally in Istanbul.

“He already has an organic connection with his grassroots, but these songs are a new strategy to widen support,” said associate professor Doğan Gürpınar of Istanbul Technical University.

Altan Çetin, the composer of Erdoğan’s latest campaign tune, said it took almost a month to finish the song “Nereden nereye geldi Turkiye” (“Look how far Turkey has come”)

“Our president uses every instrument of politics very successfully and very professionally,” Çetin said.