Turkey’s LDP calls for referendum protest

Small libertarian Turkish political party the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) have posted a call for people to protest on the first anniversary of the 2017 referendum on the presidential system by wearing black on April 16.

“On Sunday April 16, 2017, with minutes to go until the ballot boxes closed, the Supreme Electoral Board (YSK) exceeded all its legal and constitutional powers to interfere with the result of a referendum that brought about regime change and to cast doubt on the result by putting into practice the exact opposite of a truly clear law made by the Turkish parliament in the name of the Turkish people and to order unstamped votes and envelopes to be counted as valid,” the party’s statement said.

“The judicial arm which is tasked with protecting the constitution and the constitutional process took the most shady decision in the history of the republic and dealt a severe blow to a democratic process, which might not be corrected for decades.

Therefore, on the anniversary of the referendum, the party called for those opposed to the YSK intervention to wear black, no matter which way they had voted that day.

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