Dec 19 2017

Atheists breathe badly, therapist tells CNNTürk

Breath therapist Nevşah Fidan Karamehmet told CNNTürk that atheism was a result of poor breathing.

“For example, some very serious, hardcore atheists come to my seminars,” she said.

“All atheists breathe very well from the stomach region, but they do not have any breath in this region,” she said, pointing to her chest.

Karamehmet said she could now identify an atheist from their breathing alone, without having to ask.

“I have done this research on hundreds of thousands of people and they all filled out questionnaires,” she said.

“Hundreds of atheists have come and their questionnaires all say the same thing: that there is no breath there (in their chests).”

Once they had therapy to correct their breathing, they often began to cry as they felt God for the first time, Karamehmet said.