Segregate emergency rooms - Turkish theologian

A professor of theology at a top Turkish university has suggested separating male and female patients in hospital intensive care units.

Dr Faruk Beşer of Marmara University in Istanbul also asked ministry officials from his Twitter account to gender-segregate doctors.

Beşer wrote on Twitter, "Ministry of Health officials
Is it not possible to keep women and men in separate rooms in intensive care units?

Is it necessary to keep the patients naked?
If so, cannot female physicians attend to females and male physicians to males?

Are you glad that people refuse to go back once they've been in an emergency room?"

Gender segregation in medical practice has recently become a heated issue in Turkey. It has been reported that the new generation of Turkish medical students is increasingly sensitive about dealing with the opposite sex.

However, some public figures in the in the Islamic community have gone even further in their demands. According to a Turkish newspaper, a fundamentalist Islamic sect leader said in a community chatroom that he supported burying girls who wore Western outfits alive.