Turkey’s religious authority denies saying girls can marry aged 9

Turkey’s state religious authority has denied saying girls are able to marry and become pregnant from the age of nine, the BBC’s Turkish service website said.

It said the Religious Affairs Directorate (Diyanet) had issued a statement saying that news reports saying it had said such a thing were false and did not represent the truth.

The news reports quoted the Diyanet’s website as saying that any person who had reached the age of puberty could marry.

"Islamic lawyers determined that the minimum puberty age is nine for girls and 12 for boys," the website says. The relevant page of the Diyanet website was still accessible on Wednesday.

The Diyanet’s statement said that even though a woman who had reached puberty could marry, it said that marrying a girl who does not have the responsibility to be a mother and had not reached psychological and biological maturity was not allowed by Islam.

Under Turkish law, the minimum possible age of marriage is 16, and even then only with an exceptional legal decision. Ordinarily couples must wait until both parties are 17 with parental permission, or 18 without.


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