Dec 18 2017

Turkish author Akyol helping Muslims conceptualise Jesus

Two recent books – “The Islamic Jesus” by Mustafa Akyol and “Christmas and the Quran” by Karl-Josef Kuschel – take a look at Jesus’ place in Islam, the London-based Arab Weekly said.

“What can’t be called into ques­tion is Muslim belief that Jesus is a prophet and a very important one at that,” it said. “Perhaps this clear dividing line between Islamic prophethood and Christian divinity is the reason many non-Muslims don’t see Jesus and Islam as linked.”

The two books take a close look at the role of Jesus as an Islamic prophet, the Arab Weekly said.

“Akyol explores the commonality and extraordinary historical con­nections, particularly among early Christians and Muslims in his book. He urges Muslims to discover Jesus and to read the New Testament,” it said.

While Jesus is seen as the son of God by Christians, he is the word of God according to the Quran, it said.

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