Turkish gov’t portal allows citizens to change religion online

Turkey’s e-State government portal has been equipped with a new feature that allows citizens to change their religion on official identification and government records.

The change, which previously required citizens to apply with the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality, can be done online following a new feature added to the portal on Saturday, Gerçek Gündem news site reported.

Those looking to change their religion on official records are required to fill out a short information form and submit an e-signature, it said.

Turkey is country with a 98 percent Muslim population, but studies suggest that the country’s young population is increasingly distancing itself from religion. The number of Atheists in the country has tripled in the country, according to a survey released by Konda, 

The Konda survey also revealed that people aged 15-29 described themselves as less “religiously conservative” than older generations, and less religious than the same age group a decade earlier.