U.S. evangelical plans for Jerusalem may not suit Middle Eastern Christians - Arab Weekly

Christians in many parts of the Middle East are a vulnerable minority, and few see the Trump administration’s pandering to Israel as serving their best interests, Arab Weekly said.

“American evangelicals have a very different view of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than Middle Eastern Christian communities do,” the periodical wrote.

“These beliefs led many evangelicals to wholeheartedly favour Israel and be uncritical of its policies. They say Israel has an exclusive right to the Holy Land and have little sympathy for Palestinian rights.”

However, Middle Eastern Christians generally don’t see Jerusalem as the exclusive domain of Israel, and the U.S. administration’s move to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel may stoke anti-Christian sentiment in the region and “put them more in jeopardy,” Arab Weekly said.

“At least two-thirds of Iraqi Christians have left Iraq in the post-2003 period,” it added.

“Christians who remain in the region do not want the evangelicals, and by extension, the Trump administration, making their situation worse.”


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