Popular Turkish journalist Ayşe Arman resigns from Hürriyet newspaper

Popular journalist Ayşe Arman on Sunday became the latest journalist to resign from Turkey’s Hürriyet, one of the country’s highest circulation newspapers.

The journalist, who has been with the daily for 27 years and is known for lengthy Sunday interviews, made the announcement on Instagram.

“I was born in Hürriyet but I see that I can no longer continue living here,’’ Arman said.

Arman’s resignation arrives following a wave of sackings at the newspaper, which in March 2018 was bought by the Demirören Group, known for its close ties to Turkey’s country’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).

Demirören Group last week fired around 50 people, including directors, columnists and editors.

The paper’s editor-in-chief, Vahap Munyar, on Thursday resigned citing the sackings.

Munyar said employees of the daily had been fired without his knowledge and the consent of the human resources department. 

The sale of Doğan Media Group, which included numerous liberal and progressive outlets including Hürriyet, to Demirören Holding, has widely been regarded as the death knell for the last quasi-independent mainstream media group in Turkey.