Turkish court sentences Reyhanlı bomb suspect to 53 life sentences

An Ankara court on Monday sentenced a Turkish man to 53 life sentences without chance of parole for killing 53 people in a 2013 car bomb attack on the town of Reyhanlı, on the Syrian border, independent news site Diken reported.

Turkey’s intelligence agency captured 34-year-old Yusuf Nazik, a Turkish citizen, in the Syrian port city of Latakia and brought him back to Turkey in September last year. The agency published a video of Nazik standing next to a Turkish flag confessing to his part in the bomb attack and saying he acted on the orders of Syrian intelligence.

During his testimony, Nazik shared the names of 24 suspects he said were involved in the attack, hoping to receive a sentence reduction, Diken said.

A court in February 2018 sentenced nine suspects charged with involvement in the Reyhanlı attack to life imprisonment and 13 others to sentences ranging from 10 to 15 years.