Europe’s inaction on Turkey, Iran serves Russian interests – Daily Sabah columnist

When Iran and Turkey are pushed away by the European Union, they find themselves under the influence of Russia, Beril Dedeoğlu, an international relations academic wrote in a column for the Turkish pro-government Daily Sabah newspaper.

While global powers take foreign policy decisions, regional powers act by taking sides, and that was what Turkey and Iran were doing, Dedeoğlu said.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani tried to make peace with the West and get closer to China to counterbalance Russian influence, but the social and political tensions in his country made it impossible, she wrote.

All this is happening while Europe seems to be motionless. The EU is still refraining itself from taking a meaningful action on Turkey and Iran, but it is high time for Europe to do something. Especially because we ignore when such a window of opportunity will present itself again in the future.

Next to the United States and Israel, which, Dedeoğlu said, had fuelled what she called the “poisonous atmosphere” in Iran, Iranians and Turks should also watch more carefully what Russia is doing.