Russia’s National Guard visits Turkey

Representatives of Russia’s National Guard (Rosgvardiya) officially visited Turkey on Tuesday for talks on Turkish special forces, Sputnik news Turkish reported.

The National Guard, created by the Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2016, is formed by troops of the Interior Ministry, anti-riot police and swat teams and  is also called Putin’s personal army by some analysts and outlets.

The National Guard took over many of the duties of the special police forces and has been headed by Viktor Zolotov, a close ally of Putin since the 1990s.

Zolotov headed the Russian delegation visiting Turkey, Sputnik said. According to Russian news site, the delegation met with Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu and Gendarmerie Commander Arif Çetin.

The Russian Delegation was expected to be informed on the training of Turkish gendarmerie and coast guard forces and observe the preparatory practices of the Turkish security forces, it said.