Turkish, Russian experts cooperate to unearth Siberian prehistory - Anadolu Agency

Turkish and Russian scientists have started common excavations to unearth Siberian prehistory and Turkish history, state-run Anadolu Agency reported on Friday. 

Experts from Turkey's Dokuz Eylül University and Russia's Irkutsk State University are jointly carrying out excavations between Yenisei and Lena Rivers under the Siberia Research Project launched to access new information on relatively less known Siberian prehistory, Anadolu said.

Semih Güneri, head of the Caucasia and Central Asia Archaeology Research Center of Dokuz Eylül University, told Anadolu Agency that the project aimed to understand the earliest era of the region's archaeology as well as the Turkish history in the Far East. 

"Our work is not easy at all. In August, the temperature will fall below zero in the evening," he said.

According to Güneri, excavation work has started around the area between River Angara and Baikal Lake and will end in 12 weeks. 

It is commonly believed that Turkic peoples migrated from Northeastern China, present-day Mongolia, Siberia and the Turkestan-region towards the Iranian plateau, South Asia, and Anatolia in many waves.