Merkel, Erdoğan faced with Trump’s pressure on Russian gas supplies  - Sputnik

Turkey and Germany are both being confronted by U.S.  President Donald Trump’s disdain for "dependence" on Russian gas with German officials fearing U.S. sanctions on Nord Stream 2, Russian Sputnik news reported.

Pointing out that Trump, at the UN General Assembly in New York City on Tuesday, warned Germany against becoming"totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course," Sputnik reported Washington’s offer of standing "ready to export our abundant, affordable supply of oil, clean coal, and natural gas."

Meanwhile, the Turkish president disclosed that Trump accused the U.S.' NATO allies of "feeding Russia,’’ - Germany in particular -  for giving Russia too much income from gas exports.

 Turkey has told Trump that Ankara's supply of Russian gas - 50 percent of its total consumption - were to stop, Turkey would freeze during the winter. Merkel, who works to meet 38 percent of Germany’s gas needs from Russia, is quoted as saying she would not allow for the people of Germany to freeze, either.

"The leaders of Germany and Turkey are defending their states and their citizens, as they should. It's advantageous for them to purchase the gas supplies which are cheaper," Sputnik quoted Igor Anansky, deputy chairman of the Russian Duma's committee on energy, as saying.

"The US is no longer just an 'older brother' for Europe, but is trying to become its master, and doesn’t care about the opinion of its junior partners," Anansky added.