Delivery of second Russian missile battery to Turkey complete

Turkey has taken delivery of the final parts of the second battery of Russian S-400 air defence missiles, the Turkish Defence Ministry said.

The transfer of the battery, which began on Aug. 27, was completed at the Murted Airbase, near Ankara, the ministry said.

Turkey received the first batch of S-400 components on July 12.

Turkey’s purchase of the long-range missile system has been an ongoing source of tension with the United States, which maintains the S-400s could allow Russia to gain information about the defences of NATO aircraft. 

The United States responded by suspending Turkey from the programme to help build and operate the new F-35 fighter jets and could take measures under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA).

The installation of the system is underway and Turkish military personnel are being trained to use it, the ministry said. The system is projected to become operational in April 2020.