Turkey removed from F-35 production by March 2020 - Lockheed

The chief executive officer of U.S. defence giant Lockheed Martin said during an earnings call on Tuesday that the company expected all Turkish firms to be removed from the F-35 fighter jet supply chain by next March, Reuters reported.

“We’ve been working to wind down the Turkish industry involvement and so we have a timeline that we’re working towards,” said CEO Marillyn Hewson. “It’s out through March of 2020 that we think it will all be resolved.”

The Pentagon suspended Turkey from the F-35 programme last week over security concerns after Ankara’s decision to go ahead with the purchase of Russian missile defence systems.

Turkey had been a key part of the production process for the F-35 stealth fighters, supplying more than 900 items, and planned to buy a total of 100 aircraft. 

Now Turkey will not be able to buy the jets. Hewson said several other countries such as Poland had expressed interest in purchasing the available F-35s.