U.S. using Patriot as a pressure tool, says Turkish expert

Washington’s use of Patriot systems as a pressure tool has created uncertainty about the purchase of both the U.S. systems and the Russian S-400 missile systems, Umit Alperen, researcher at the Department of International Relations in Süleyman Demirel University told Eurasia.Expert website.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Feb.16 said that Ankara’s deal to buy the systems from Russia was final and Turkey and is open to purchasing Patriot systems from the United States.

Pointing to uncertainty surrounding the S-400 purchase due to NATO and U.S. pressure,  Alperen said such factors cannot be overlooked and are likely to affect Ankara.

“Turkey has become the market of the US. Joint production loans and early delivery is the most critical factor for Turkey. In this context, the US administration is looking forward to the delivery of the Patriot Missiles, but the US does not approach to joint production and credit issues. The US also has expectations that Turkey should give up to buy Russian S400,” Alperen told Eurasia.Expert. 

The Turkish president has stated that the S-400 systems would be delivered in July and the Turkey could conduct joint operation military operation with Russia in Syria’s Idlib, he said, highlighting the momentum being gained in the Turkey-Russia rapprochement and partnership.

When examining Turkey’s relationship with Russia, it is misleading to make comparisons with Moscow ally Iran, he added, as Iran facing U.S. embargos and international sanctions, but Turkey is fully integrated into the global political and economic system.

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