Czech’s drop Salih Müslim extradition case

The Czech Republic has decided not to proceed with a Turkish request to extradite Salih Müslim, Turkish new website Birgun reported Saturday.

Müslim, former co-chair of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), a Kurdish dominated political party in Syria, is on Turkey’s red list of most wanted terrorists. He was briefly detained by Czech authorities, at Ankara’s request, in late February whilst attending a conference in Prague.

The Czech dismissal of the case against Müslim represents the latest in a series of disappointments for Turkey, as it tries to persuade European countries to extradite figures it views as terrorists.

In similar vein, Turkey has also, thus far, failed to secure the extradition of its most wanted terrorist Fethullah Gülen from the United States. Ankara alleges that Gülen and his followers masterminded the failed July 2016 coup attempt in Turkey and has made repeated, largely futile, requests to the United States and Europe to extradite Gülen and others it suspects of involvement in the coup.

After his release in Prague, Müslim travelled to Germany and attended a rally there. Turkey again requested his extradition, though on this occasion authorities did not detain him.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu has promised that Turkey will keep up efforts to secure Müslim’s extradition.

“Our efforts are not limited to the Czech Republic or Germany. Wherever he goes, we won’t let up our pursuit,” he said “We will request his extradition from those countries too. We will send all our legal decisions and data on the matter and formally make the request to whichever country. He will no longer have any rest.”