Samaritan pays debt of Istanbul siblings who committed suicide

An unidentified Samaritan in Istanbul has paid the grocery store debt of four siblings, whose group suicide over financial troubles last year made international headlines.

The Samaritan paid the Yetişkin siblings’ outstanding debt of 2,380 lira ($ 404) in full a few days after their suicide in November, news site Diken quoted the owner of the market the siblings frequented as saying.

The bodies of the four siblings, aged 48-60, were discovered in their home in Istanbul’s Fatih district on Nov. 6. A police investigation revealed that the two women and two men, committed suicide by taking anti-depressants. 

The siblings’ death was one of a string of suicides in the country, which sparked a nationwide discussion over soaring living costs and unemployment in the country that is tentatively recovering from a financial crisis that sent the lira on a downward spiral in 2018.

The siblings had left a note to their neighbours saying, “be careful, there is cyanide inside, call the police, do not enter.”

“The Samaritan came saying that the siblings should not go to their graves in debt. They did not say who they are… they say that the person also paid the siblings eight months of outstanding rental debt, too” the shop owner said.

Long-time residents of Fatih, the Yetişkin siblings, according to friends, had been battling depression and anxiety after being unable to find jobs to support themselves.