Two Saturday Mothers protesters detained by police

Turkish police on Saturday detained two Saturday Mothers,  a group of mainly Kurdish and Alevi parents that have gathered since the 1980s to silently protest political assassinations and state-forced disappearances in Turkey, T24 news site reported.

Policed have banned the non-violent protest of Turkey's longest-running non-violent protest group since August 25, which was the 700th week of the movement. For weeks, protesters have been met with tear gas and water cannons used by police to disperse the group with many activists being detained.

Hanım Tosun and Hanife Yıldız were detained in the 704th week of the protest after the police blocked the protesters, which included pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) deputies, from walking to their gathering place in front of Taksim’s Galatasaray High School, T24 said.

Journalists reporting on the incident were forced to leave the scene, the site said.

Between 1992 and 1996, 792 state-forced disappearances and murders were reported in Turkey's Kurdish dominant east in the conflict between Turkish security forces and Kurdish insurgents, according to the Human Rights Association.