New Peker video links Erdoğan relative to alleged weapons transfer to Syrian jihadists

(Updated with Peker's remarks on Feyzi İşbaşaran)

Organised crime boss Sedat Peker on Saturday shared a video of a conversation between himself and a relative of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and owner of Lazoil Energy company Serdar Ekşi.

In the almost 13-minute video of a phone call between the pair, the 49-year-old mafia leader receives confirmation from Ekşi, who is married to Erdoğan’s niece, on both knowledge and participation in the provision of weapons to aid jihadists in Syria. 

In one of his tell-all videos last month, Peker had claimed that Turkey sent weapons to Al-Nusra jihadists in Syria through SADAT, formed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s chief military adviser Adnan Tanrıverdi.

The claim by the self-exiled mob boss, who is known as an Erdoğan loyalist, is one of many linking past and present government officials to organised crime that has taken Turkey by storm.

"We were at the hotel. You were there, too. Were you not there every time we were sending the materials?”Peker tells a nodding Ekşi in the video, referring to the departure point of the weapons sent to Syria. 

“We would provide four trucks and they would also provide four,” Peker goes to tell Ekşi, referring to SADAT. “We were not selling (these weapons), you were in on it, too, and so was I.’’

Peker goes on to say that “dishonourable,” that Turkish media outlets refuse to report on his allegations regarding the weapons transportation, and his generosity during the ordeal, to which Ekşi responds by saying, “you are right.”

In a previous video, Peker shared detailed alleged cooperation between Turkish officials and Al-Nusra, while sharing that he had decided to send military equipment to Syrian Turkmens and shared the plan with Metin Külünk, a deputy from Erdoğan’s ruling party, in order to receive permission to dispatch the trucks in 2015.

During Saturday's video, the pair also discuss Külünk, with Ekşi saying the lawmaker's “connections '' were waning, a claim Peker objects to.

The mob boss’s claims have revived interest in the 2015 MIT trucks scandal,where Turkey’s intelligence service was caught allegedly transporting weapons to Syrian jihadists under the guise of humanitarian aid for the Turkmen population in northwest Syria.

“We are all a family. We are together in every crime,” Peker said in a follow up tweet on Saturday, addressing Ekşi. "I told you we were going to stand tall together… but you talked to me and then participated in efforts against me.”

The pair in the video call also discussed former ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy Feyzi İşbaşaran, who Peker last month claimed to have had beaten by two of his men while the former was in jail for insulting Erdoğan.

The organised crime leader told Ekşi that the idea of the 2014 attack on İşbaşaran belonged to the Turkish president.

”Erdoğan is very angry, he is calling for an attack against Feyzi İşbaşaran while under police custody,’’ Peker cites Külünk as telling him.

Peker last month had said two of his men attacked İşbaşaran while he was in custody, in an incident that was made to look like a cell fight. The mob boss said the move was triggered the former lawmaker cursing at Erdoğan’s family members, including his wife Ermine.

İşbaşaran confirmed the incident, while denying his bones were broken, as claimed by Peker.