Turkish mob boss Peker declares all out war on Ankara

Organised crime boss Sedat Peker on Wednesday declared  war against the Turkish government, accusing Ankara of being “dishonourable’’ in what he called the battle between the two sides.

Peker took to Twitter to warn that he could become the greatest “devil’’ if Ankara resorted to diabolical tactics, saying he was ready to lose his life in the standoff.

The remarks of the convicted mob boss in exile arrived hours after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan backed the country’s interior minister, one of the main government officials targeted by Peker in his tell-all videos, which have taken Turkey by storm. Soylu, among others, have denied the claims.

The 49-year-old has accused past and present government officials of involvement in a string of crimes,  including murder, corruption and cocaine trafficking from Latin America.

“As I said before, a dog that doesn’t know how to bark will call a wolf home,’’ Peker, known as a fierce Erdoğan loyalist said, threatening to spill the beans on more alleged government secrets.

“What I will tell will not be like what is written in magazines, I will narrate in full detail,’’ the mob boss said. “I have donned the garb of martyrdom. The rest is in God’s hands.’’ 

The Turkish president on Wednesday while defending the interior minister said Peker’s allegations were an attack against Turkey.

"We stand with our interior minister in his battle with criminal gangs, as well as terrorist organisations," Erdoğan told lawmakers from his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) in parliament.

Peker’s tweets on Wednesday also contained an obscure reference to a woman named "Defne.’’

The mob boss, who is currently in hiding in Dubai, threatened to reveal the identity of an official who "suffered a heart attack’’ at the home of "Defne.’’ 

Turkish Twitter erupted with users sharing images of foreign tabloid news covers featuring Erdoğan and Turkish TV presenter and former Miss Turkey Defne Samyeli.

Over the years, numerous foreign tabloid news outlets and Turkish social media have reported on an alleged relationship between the unlikely pair.

The 48-year-old actress and mother of two has gone on record to dismiss the claim as a "vile rumour,’’ while taking legal action on the matter, Oda TV reported in 2015.

In 2015, A Turkish court sentenced a man to jail for creating a since-removed website containing photographs as well as information on Erdoğan and Samyeli’s alleged relationship, according to a report by Sözcü newpaper.