Turkish mob boss Sedat Peker boasts of ‘breaking bones’ of MP for insulting Erdoğan

In the third instalment of his most recent video series, Turkish mafia leader Sedat Peker said he had a member of parliament physically assaulted over insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The 49-year-old convicted criminal leader known for his far-right views and support for the government has made headlines over the past week, with tell all videos published on his YouTube channel.

“I had the bones of a member of parliament broken in the state’s own police station because he cursed at your sister-in-law, her mother, the wife of our President,” Peker said, addressing Serhat Albayrak, brother of Berat Albayrak, who is married to one of Erdoğan’s daughters.

Peker admitted to having arranged two of his men to attack a former ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) deputy in custody under the guise of picking a fight in the holding cell.

“My bones weren’t broken, but a police officer’s finger was,” former AKP deputy Feyzi İşbaşaran said in a tweet responding to Peker, confirming that he was the deputy in question.

“What kind of a man are you to send an AKP deputy (Metin Külünk) to attack a man in custody in handcuffs, in an arrangement with the party organisation and the police?” İşbaşaran asked.

Peker said he had been warned by the Pelicanist clique regarding the Ağar family after accusing in a previous video former interior minister Mehmet Ağar of helping cover up his son and current member of parliament Tolga Ağar’s alleged involvement in the death of a 21-year-old student.

According to the mob boss, Süheyb Öğüt, the journalist who is believed to be at the head of the pro-government group of media personalities named after the 1993 thriller the Pelican Brief, sent word to Peker that speaking against Tolga Ağar was “tantamount to speaking against the government”.

“Hakan Fidan and Mehmet Ağar apparently had a falling out,” Peker said, adding that he had been accused of colluding with the intelligence chief, against the government. “Are you insane? I have no such aspirations. I have never met Mr. Hakan Fidan,” he said.

Another highlight in the hour-long video was Peker accusing Turkey of offering Morocco drones as a gift if the north African country handed the mob boss over. Peker is currently in Dubai, by his own accord, and says Turkey sent operatives to abduct him.

“I can’t know if these are state officials or assassins, I will protect myself. If I die or kill in combat with a state official, it would hurt me,” Peker said.

Peker’s “broadcasts over social media from abroad” and the “slander and accusations therein have been considered a new organised crime activity,” the interior ministry said in a statement released on Sunday evening.

The ministry said Peker continued to be involved in organised crime, despite denouncing his old activities and clamining to be a legitimate businessman.

“The matter has been referred to a court, and in the end, the process has turned into an operation,” the ministry said. “As such, until the person in question is brought back to our country and handed over to justice, the process will be pursued.”