Jun 29 2018

Turkish police raid record-breaking news site

Turkish police raided a news website at 2.15am on Thursday and later issued a warrant for its editor as part of an investigation into his articles, independent news portal Bianet said.

Sendika.org is a far-left news site that has been banned so many times in Turkey – 61 and counting since 2015 – that last year it applied to the Guinness Book of Records to have it officially recognised as the world’s most frequently banned site. Each time, however, it has responded by shifting to a new domain name, and is presently to be found at Sendika62.org.

Similarly, after Ahvalnews.com was banned in Turkey earlier this year, a mirror was opened up at Ahvalnews2.com for our readers in the country.

Sendika.org editor Ali Ergin Demirhan, who is the subject of the police investigation, was also arrested in the wake of the 2017 referendum for “trying to make the referendum results seem illegitimate,” Bianet said.