Pro-Erdoğan singer accused of confining minors claims targeted by gov't critics

A Turkish singer and television commentator on Tuesday defended himself against claims that he withheld two underaged girls in his home, saying he is being targeted due to his support of the government, Diken news site reported.

Parents of two girls, aged 11 and 16, filed a complaint against Nihan Doğan, accusing him of inviting their daughters to his house with the promise of giving them money.

Nihat Doğan was detained on Monday and later released.

Doğan on Tuesday underlined the support he gave to the Turkish government, by “standing by democracy and Turkish people” in a coup attempt in 2016 and during corruptions allegations against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his family in December 2014.

Turkish government sees both events as plots to overthrow the government organised by Gülen movement, a religious group.

“This is one of the main reasons why Nihat Doğan has been attacked for years. If they destroy Nihat Doğan, it will be easier for them to destroy the line of resistance” Doğan said.

Doğan is infamous in Turkey for his remarks about a Turkish university student who was killed as she resisted a rape attempt in 2015 in the southern city of Mersin; the singer accused women with wearing miniskirts of inviting rape.