Prominent Turkish gynaecologist arrested on sexual abuse charges

Turkish police detained a prominent gynaecologist on sexual abuse charges on Monday after two of his patients alleged he forced them to watch erotic movies, Turkish news site T24 reported.

The patients filed a criminal complaint against Fecri Sevilen, alleging they had been sexually harassed at the gynaecologist’s clinic in Istanbul’s upscale Nişantaşı neighbourhood.

A Turkish court issued the arrest warrant for Sevilen, citing strong suspicion of crime due to the professor’s sexual phone messages to the complainants. The warrant noted that the gynaecologist made his patients watch erotic movies at his clinic while asking them questions violating their privacy, T24 said.

The police seised his computers and mobile phone as part of the investigation.

Sevilen, a lecturer at Istanbul Çapa Faculty of Medicine, rejected the charges in his testimony to the police. He was sent to a prison in Istanbul pending trial.