Belarusian diplomat in intensive care after Ankara shooting

A Belarusian diplomat has been wounded in a shooting after becoming involved in a personal dispute with his neighbour in Ankara, Turkish press reported on Wednesday night.

The Ankara Belarusian Embassy’s counsellor for administrative issues, Alexander Poganshev, was fired at several times by his neighbour, a retired soldier, while walking with his son on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

Poganshev was immediately taken to undergo surgery in intensive care, Turkish daily Hürriyet quoted Ankara Governor Vasip Şahin as sayıng. The former soldier committed suicide after the attack, Şahin said.

A spokesperson for the Belarusian embassy said the attacker was mentally unstable, Reuters said.

Şahin said the shooting was over a personal dispute and did not have a political dimension, but gave no further details.