Dutch officials considering terrorist motive in shooting after detention of Turkish suspect

Dutch prosecutors are considering a terrorist motive in Monday’s tram shooting which killed three people in the central city of Utrecht, BBC news reported on Tuesday.

Turkish-born suspect Gökmen Tanış, 37, was detained on Monday evening in relation to the shooting, BBC said, noting that a letter found in the gunman's getaway car is pointing to an act of terrorism.

"So far a terrorist motive is being seriously taken into account. Among other things a letter found in the getaway car and the nature of the facts give rise to that," a statement said, without detailing the contents of the letter.

Officials said firearm was found when Tanış was detained and noted that there was no connection found between Tanış and the victims.

Other motives have not been ruled out, BBC reported.

Neighbours of Tanış had earlier described the suspect as a "loser" and a petty criminal rather than a terrorist with reports emerging that he had been involved in several court cases, including one pertaining to membership in the Islamic State (ISIS).

Dutch police have two other suspects are in custody, aged 23 and 27, in relation to the shooting are assessing if they had any involvement in the attack.

The two men were brothers but not related to the main suspect, their lawyer told Dutch media.

A 19-year-old woman who worked in a snack-bar and a 49-year-old youth coach from a sports club and a 28-year-old man are three victims killed in Monday’s attack, according to the Mayor of Utrecht Jan van Zanen.

Three of the wounded remain in serious condition, BBC said.